KS Material Co. Ltd.


Contribute to society by creating and challenging new values.

We, KS Material Co. Ltd., aims to be a “viable company with a sense of excitement”.


As the world is facing numerous and senior social problems, such as industrial pollution, over population, depleting of natural resources, global warming, it is essential to resolve these problems as quickly and effectively with the limited resources and materials that are available. To meet these challenges, it is crucial to the right and urgent mentality to develop new materials and applications.

Our company’s vision is to contribute to solving of these issues that are affecting nature in the fields of energy conservation, simple and effective applications, convenience and safety. Based on this vision, although KS Material is involved in the development and manufacturing of chemical products for the automotive after market industry, we believe that coming forth with various new ideas, the augmentation of applications from other industries, we can contribute to the betterment of Society.

Katsumi Kusaka
KS Material Co., Ltd.

Our Corporate Vision’s 5 Key Points

  • ・Without neglecting our to desire to question and improve, we want to be a company needed by Society.
  • ・While sustaining company growth, never forget to smile.
  • ・Keeping the “Customers First” mentality, aiming to be a company that customers can trust and feel secure to do business with.
  • ・We want to contribute and to part of the local community.
  • ・Never forgetting our employees – improving their welfare and lifestyles.

Basic Quality Control Policy

  • ・Company with the law, understand the customer’s request in a timely manner and accurately, and improve customer7s satisfaction.
  • ・We will work pro-actively.
  • ・We will seek solutions without being asked in order to further improve quality, and will continue to make suggestions to customers and continuously improve the workplace.
  • ・Set quality targets to achieve the quality policy, and review this as needed.
  • ・Distribute the quality policy to each department and review it so that it will always be appropriate.